The Paddle Pop Gaming League '11 (PPGL '11) is divided into 3 parts:
1. Online Qualifiers - starting 17th September 2011
2. Zonal finals - 5th & 6th November 2011
3. National Finals - 13th November 2011, Mumbai

  • Online Qualifiers - To enter the magical world of Paddle Pop, all the participants will have to play all the 4 online games:
    1. Rockanyon: Play as Paddle Pop Lion or Liona and defeat the giant scorpions to get the Earth element. Collect Paddle Pop ice candies to keep your health up!
    2. Lava Surf: This is the only time playing with Fire is permitted! Choose to play as Liona or Paddle Pop Lion and surf through a river of lava while dodging rocks and collecting Paddle Pop ice candies.
    3. Underwater Adventure: Time for some underwater mania! Help Paddle Pop Lion or Liona get past all the underwater creatures. Collect health bonuses to keep health up and collect Paddle Pop Ice candies to power up and zap the monsters!
    4. Cloud Lands: This beanstalk is BIG! Play as Paddle Pop Lion or Liona and climb up to the cloudlands! Watch out for loose leaves and the Big White Wolf’s tornado attacks! Collect your favorite Paddle Pop ice candies for a higher score!

    These games are available on the Games page of the Paddle Pop Gaming League website.

    Participants will qualify for the zonal finals by playing all the 4 online Paddle Pop Games and by featuring in top 100 in their respective zones.

    Play the 4 games, get high scores and climb your way up the Leader Board!

    Registrations for PPGL 2011 are now open till Oct 20, 2011. Hurry!


  • Zonal Finals
  • Then it will be time for Paddle Pop Lion to face Shadow Master and get back his kingdom!

    1. Top 100 participants on the Zonal Leader Board will receive a Paddle Pop Kit. You need to login and play the "Crazy Kart" online game using the CD provided in the kit.

    Zonal Finals will happen online (you can either login from home by installing the crazy kart game on your computer using the CD provided to install the game or from the nearest Zapak gameplex). Participants will play an advanced 3D-engine 'Crazy Kart' game. Zonal Semi - final qualifiers need to play the semi finals match on the 'Paddle Pop Elemagika Map'. Top 5 scorers in the game, will represent their zones at the National Finals that will take place in Mumbai. Air Tickets for the same will be provided by Paddle Pop!


  • National Finals
  • National Finals will take place in Mumbai on 13th Nov 2011. Here, the 4 zonal teams will compete with each other. They will play the 4 online Paddle Pop games and the 'Crazy Kart' game. Points will be awarded to each team as per game wins. Team with the most points at the end of the day wins the PPGL '11 title!

The winning team will get a chance to be on TV!

Other prizes include:

    1. An Xbox Kinect to each member of the winning team,
    2. A Titan Zoop gift &
    3. A Gift hamper from Titan Zoop & Zapak Games to each member of the team standing second and
    4. A gift hamper to other finalists

Keep watching this space for detailed rules of city and national finals.